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Cassie Says... "The Golden Rule - never forget moisturizer!"

Lishawn Lalonde

We want to say thank you to Cassie for her *glowing* review of our facial souffle! Read her blog post here or below! 

Be rooted with ULIV skincare

We’ve all heard of turmeric and ginger wake up shots from juice bars, but what about both of those ingredients in skincare? Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite moisturizer, the golden glow facial souffle by ULIV.

Founder of ULIV skincare, Lishawn Lalonde, struggled with an auto-immune disease for years and realized that turmeric and ginger were two ingredients that really aided with inflammation internally, so why not apply this to skin too! Talk about geniusAside from her brilliant products at a fairly affordable price, I absolutely love her motto …

“the process of aging is a beautiful thing, and we should embrace it…So go on, love the skin you’re in , and take time to stop and ask – How Do Uliv?”


So how do you live? Do you take care of your skin or are you the type to fall asleep with a crusty face full of makeup? Let’s dive into ULIV’s Golden Glow Trio, and I assure you that you will never forget to cleanse and moisturize before bed again!

Golden Glow Oil Cleanser

Made of turmeric, lemon and fennel – the oil cleanser lifts, purifies and brightens pores within minutes. After applying, don’t forget to wash off with a warm wash cloth and pat dry for the next step …

Golden Glow Hydrating Serum

Full of herb infused essential oils and turmeric, this high antioxidant blended serum seeps deep into pores to give the skin a natural glow. ULIV embraces your natural glow from life’s adventures, instead of masking them like a ton of other skincare products promise to do! Follow this up with …

Golden Glow Facial Souffle

This delicious blend of therapeutic plants, essential oils and manuka honey (ohhh yeah you smell it instantly) was created to unveil the inner youth in your skin. This is the moisturizer I’ve added to my daily routine and let me tell you folks, my skin is glowing! A little goes a long way with souffle, so one pump will hydrate your entire face. I find that it’s a bit thicker than the other moisturizers I use, so I may adjust this to be specifically my nighttime face cream. But do remember, never forget your moisturizer, especially in the winter! Which I know won’t be a problem when you try this one #delish.

Cassie Says… with powerful natural ingredients like organic turmeric, manuka honey, organic rosemary and lemon peels; how could you say no to trying this trio out!? I really love the story behind the ULIV skincare and the reminder that it’s so vital to not only consume healthy ingredients, but follow this mantra for what you put on your body as wellBeautiful products made by a beautiful soul, Lishawn donates all profits for one month each year to a different charitable cause.

I live. I love. I learn. How do Uliv?

Thank you ULIV for sending me your facial souffle to review – all feedback & thoughts are my true & honest opinion!

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