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Hannah's Journey to Healthy Skin

Lishawn Lalonde


Hey there! I'm Hannah, I'm twenty years old, and I have been in a long fight with my skin. I suffer from oily and sensitive skin and it can be really difficult for me to find products that I love and that love my skin. I used to be so ashamed of my skin and I never wanted to go anywhere without makeup. I had awful cyst-like acne that covered my cheeks, jawline, and forehead (see above or below picture) and I was so embarrassed all the time.



Some of my acne came from stress and hormones, but a lot of it came from the way that I was treating my body. The food I was putting into my body, and the products I was using on my face did nothing for my health. For years I struggled with my self-image and felt lost when it came to how to fix it.




And then suddenly Lishawn sent me a free sample of her Uliv Golden Glow Facial Souffle and things started to change. Her sweet note of encouragement and the knowledge that I was treating my skin healthier made me more motivated to make changes! Starting in February of 2017 I began to eat healthier (thanks mom for holding me accountable and making healthy dinners) and began to treat my skin right! I had never been one for making sure I removed my makeup every night, but that started to change. I got into the habit of using my favorite cleanser and then applying the facial souffle and my skin instantly started feeling relief.





Now it's February 2019, two years after I made a change, and my skin really does feel like it's glowing on most days! I still get hormonal acne about once a month (thanks mother nature…) but my Golden Glow Hydrating Serum (my favorite!!) and Golden Glow Facial Souffle are my saving grace! I still eat as healthy as possible, except now I make my own dinners for me and my husband. I hope that by reading this you'll feel motivated to make the changes you need to make to feel beautiful inside and out!




Two years ago I was living ashamed, I was living confused, and I was living unhealthy. NOW I live joyfully, I live hopefully, and I live healthy. How do Uliv?


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