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How ULIV Matters..

After struggling with auto-immune diseases for many years and making huge life style changes, I realized How Uliv matters! Organic Turmeric & Ginger were huge game changers with inflammation internally for me. As an esthetician I naturally was curious of how it would respond to my skin & started incorporating it into my daily routine. My Golden Season Trio are symbolic to my healing journey inside & out. This journey taught me how the process of aging is a beautiful thing to embrace. Age spots on your hands are from soaking in moments with your family in the sun. The wrinkles around your mouth & eyes are from countless smiles & joy. Aging is part of the natural cycle of life that connects us to all living things, reminding us that we are created from the same loving God that creates the natural world around us. If you ask me, that's worth celebrating. So go on, love the skin you’re in, and take time to stop and ask - How Do Uliv?