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This week’s #BeautyBoss is Lishawn Lalonde, Founder of ULIV Skincare—a line of products that is formulated with organic turmeric for ultimate skin health. After struggling with an auto-immune disease for many years, the esthetician made several lifestyle changes and developed her own range of skin care that helped with the healing process.


We chatted with Lalonde, who shared her beauty and wellness tips, best advice, inspiration, and more:

What inspired the creation of ULIV Skincare?

ULIV Skincare really embraces my healing journey from struggling with an autoimmune disease. I had to make huge lifestyle changes with my mind, body, and soul. I started changing what I put in my body and incorporating anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and Manuka honey—and I noticed a huge response from my body. As an esthetician, I started adding these ingredients in my skin care and ended up creating our Golden Glow Facial Soufflé (a turmeric latte) for your skin.

What does ULIV mean?

During my journey of lifestyle change, I realized how ULIV matters! The choices we make regarding what we put in and on our bodies can weaken us or bring vitality, as well as how we treat others can help weaken them or bring vitality.

How long has the brand been around?

We've been on the learning curve of the skin care business for two years now.

Tell us more about your line. Do you have a hero product?

We have our Golden Season trio: Golden Glow Oil Cleanser, Golden Glow Hydrating Serum, and Golden Glow Facial Soufflé—three easy steps for glowing skin for any skin type! As an esthetician, I noticed that these anti-inflammatory ingredients really worked well with all inflammation, from teenage acne and aging to rosacea. Our hero product is our Golden Glow Facial Soufflé.

What’s your favorite product from the line?

I love our Golden Glow Oil Cleanser. We collaborated with a local family-owned sustainable farm, Temecula Olive Oil Company, and added lemon, fennel, black seed, turmeric, and ginger. It brightens and purifies without stripping the barrier mantle of the skin! Only one cleanse and it takes off all makeup—I use it every day!

Where are your products sold?

Amazon Prime, on our website, and at local brick and mortars.

Who inspires you?

People who live outside their comfort zones, and love and admire the differences in every one of us.

Secret to success?

One baby step at a time towards your goal(s).

Beauty secrets?

I love doing a honey pat on my skin with organic raw honey. Just apply a teaspoon of honey on your hands, rub them together, then pat on your face all over until it crystallizes and exfoliate off! It improves the elasticity of skin and exfoliates as well! It’s good for all skin types.

Wellness tips?

Always think about what you are putting in and on your body. And my Golden Milk Latte.

Best advice?

Always love yourself and the people around you!


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Kamala Kirk is a University of Southern California graduate and has been an editor/writer for more than a decade. She has written for E! Online, Total Beauty, TravelAge West, Malibu Times Magazine, and many more. She resides in Los Angeles and is a proud pug mom. Follow her on Instagram: @kamalakirk

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